Online Transformational Breathing workshop

Online Transformational Breathing exercises on Instagram

Every two weeks, Bart Biermans gives a free Transformational Breathing workshop on Instagram. Follow Bart Biermans on Instagram to get notified when these free workshops occur. Bart always posts the dates on his Instagram Stories, so be sure to check those regularly. Training always starts with an introductory explanation of the Below Zero Method, in which the seven principles of this method are laid out: scientific theory, measurable results, nutrition, breathing techniques, meditation, yoga and cold exposure (the ice bath). This is followed by a practical explanation of the breathing exercises.

Optimize sleep, energy level, appetite, stress level and your immune system

How does this breathing technique work?

The Transformational Breathing technique is a combination of deep breathing interspersed with breath holding. The technique raises your blood pH-level, which in turn causes your body to exhibit a hormonal response. Your body will start to release multiple hormones that enhance various physiological processes. You will learn how to toggle between your parasympathetic nervous system (rest) and your sympathetic nervous system (action). This has an additional, beneficial effect on your physiology. Step by step, Bart Biermans will explain these breathing exercises so that you can start practicing at home.

What are the benefits of Transformational Breathing?

Transformational Breathing can be integrated into your morning routine. Because this breathing exercise has a profound effect on your physiology, you can learn to optimize various autonomous processes such as sleep, energy levels, appetite, stress and your immune system. By spending some time each day actively using this breathing technique, you will strengthen your connection with your body and enhance your intuition and creativity. Eventually you will learn to unlock even more benefits once you integrate the other six foundations of the Below Zero Method into your life.

Transformational Breathing and emotions

It’s in the name: Transformational Breathing will transform your physiology and send you down into deeper layers of your subconscious. This is where emotions, fears and traumas are stored. By giving ample room to these locked-up emotions, they can wriggle themselves loose so that you can finally process them. You might experience an emotional release of fear, sadness or tension, but also happiness, love and security. After the breathing exercise always follows a sense of calm and relaxation.

Transformational Breathing and physical experiences

Because this breathing technique has a far-reaching effect on your physiology, you might experience various physical as well as mental symptoms during the exercise. This can often be just a tingling in the hands or feet, sometimes in the rest of the body or around the mouth. Sometimes your body will begin to feel very heavy, or the opposite. You might also see colors, imagery or even a bright light, which can be accompanied with a memory or a feeling from your past. You might also feel the weaker parts of your body more strongly, such as an old wound or a weak part in your back. If you feel cramps in your hands or around your mouth, this is usually because you’re breathing too quickly. This is not dangerous but can feel unpleasant. We advise you in this case to just breathe more slowly.

Transformational Breathing during a Below Zero workshop

If you found our online Transformational Breathing workshop interesting and would like to explore this breathing technique further, then book a Below Zero Method workshop. This breathing exercise can be even more effective when performed in a group on a special location. We also like to pair it with aroma therapy during the workshop, further stimulating your subconscious. Transformational Breathing is just one of the foundations covered in the workshop; the other six are scientific theory, quantifiable results, nutrition, meditation, yoga and cold exposure (the ice bath). Click here to book a Below Zero workshop.

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