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Upcoming workshops

Below is an overview of the day workshops. The workshops are given by our trainer Chris Wenker.

Private workshop at VondelGym by Below Zero

Book an ice bath for your event or group

You can book an ice bath workshop at Below Zero for your company, group of friends, TV program or organization. By doing an extreme experience with a group of like-minded people, such as an ice bath, you create a beautiful group dynamic and a strong bond between the participants.

Increase your mental toughness and optimize your physiology

An ice bath workshop you will never forget

During an ice bath workshop you will become acquainted with the seven fundamentals of the Below Zero Method. An ice bath represents a very strong physiological stimulus that causes the body to enter the so-called Fight Flight Fright reaction.

During the ice bath workshop you will learn to relax during this strong physiological stress stimulus. The essence is that you teach the body to deal with stress and you learn to optimize all kinds of autonomous processes in your body.

Fundamentals Method

  • Scientific Theory
  • Measurable results
  • Nutrition
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Yoga
  • Exposure to cold
  • Meditation

Experiences ice bath workshop and winter travel

Bart and Chris have coached thousands of people in the ice bath, many of whom have later booked a weekend or winter trip. Below are more than 600 experiences that participants have shared to motivate others to take this leap of faith too! Thank you very much for sharing your experiences!

Making people aware that they can optimize their own health

About Bart Biermans

During his medical studies, doctor Bart Biermans discovered that real health cannot be achieved with our health system. Interventions are acute and are accompanied by medication, for many chronic diseases no solution is offered.

In the past ten years, Bart has been looking for a definition of health. This brought him to many international health centers, nutrition centers, self-development centers, cold training and a 4-year training as a therapist (essential therapy).

Chris wants to give you the tools to get started yourself

Tijdens zijn studie geneeskunde kwam arts Bart Biermans er al achter dat echte gezondheid niet wordt bereikt met ons gezondheidssysteem. Interventies zijn acuut en gaan gepaard met medicatie, voor veel chronische ziekten wordt er geen oplossing geboden.

In de afgelopen tien jaar is Bart op zoek gegaan naar een definitie van gezondheid. Dit bracht hem langs vele internationale gezondheidscentra, voedingscentra, oorden voor zelfontwikkeling, koude training en een 4 jarige opleiding tot therapeut (essentiële therapie).

About Chris Wenker

Chris Wenker worked for 8 years as a sports scientist and exercise physiologist in the professional sports world. Here he focused daily on the development and performance of top athletes. One day he had to deal with a chronically ill person; acute rheumatism. After the medication from the regular medical circuit could not cure his severe inflammatory complaints, he started to actively and efficiently activate his self-healing capacity. By consistently working with breathwork, cold training, yoga, nutrition, and other natural remedies, he is now complaints-free.

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