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Here you will find our recent measures regarding the impact of COVID-19 on the workshops.

During the day workshops, the following measures are taken to prevent the spread of the COVID virus:

  • Upon arrival, the temperature of all participants is measured by means of a non-contact temperature measurement.
  • 1.5 meters are kept at all times between people who do not belong to the same household.
  • Hand disinfection is available at the workshop.
  • Ice bath day workshops are only possible at Moon’s Farm in Noordwijk. This spacious and well-ventilated location guarantees a safe workshop.
  • Private workshops are also possible at other locations, provided we can guarantee the safety of the participants at the location.
  • The breathing sessions are held in a high open horticultural greenhouse (see photos on site).
  • There is a lot of ventilation from skylights and sliding doors can be opened on two sides.
  • There is an option to monitor outside of the breathing session.
  • The number of people who go together in an ice bath is limited to 4 people.
  • There is a possibility to go in the ice bath alone or in pairs.
  • We do not shake hands or other physical contact.

Upcoming workshops

Learn to brave the cold and push your limits. From an ice bath to a fully catered winter trip to Iceland.

Private workshop at VondelGym by Below Zero

Book a workshop for your event or private group

At Below Zero, you can book a private ice bath event for your business, organization or friends’ group. Sharing an extreme situation, such as an ice bath, can be a bonding experience for all involved or, alternatively, change or enhance an already existing group dynamic.

Increase your mental resilience and optimize your physiology

An ice bath workshop to remember

In Bart’s Below Zero ice bath workshop participants learn about the seven foundations of the Below Zero Method. The ice bath works as an extremely powerful physiological stimulus, propelling the body into a fight/flight/fright response.

During the ice bath workshop, participants learn to relax their body while this response takes place and learn to gain control over this response. Participants will teach their body to cope with stress and optimize several autonomous bodily processes. Participants will strengthen their mental durability and optimize their physiology.

Fundamentals Method

  • Scientific theory
  • Measurable results
  • Nutrition
  • Breathing techniques
  • Yoga
  • Exposure to cold
  • Meditation

Reviews of Bart’s Ice Bath Workshops and Winter Trips

Bart Biermans has coached thousands of people taking an ice bath. Many of these workshop participants went on to book a special weekend or winter trip. Bart has received over 600 customer reviews, which we have been happy to publish to motivate even more people to take the plunge. We’d like to extend our gratitude to every single one of you who kindly shared your experience with us: thank you very much!

Making people aware that they can optimize their own health

About Bart Biermans

After his medical studies, Bart Biermans founded two medical cosmetic clinics. However, even during his studies Bart had come to realize that true health cannot be achieved using a classical Western medical approach. The system underlying the Western medical approach has practitioners focusing mainly on acute intervention, usually paired with medicine. As a result, numerous sufferers from chronic disease fall to the wayside. Sadly, for them few solutions seem to exist here …

Over the last ten years, Bart has been seeking a more fitting definition of health. His quest lead him past scores of international health centers, nutrition centers and self-improvement resorts to the ice bath / cold training, and most recently a 4-year course and practitioner’s degree in Essential Therapy. It all came together when Bart combined his acquired knowledge and expertise into a new approach: the Below Zero Method.

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