Ice bath workshop Moon's farm Noordwijk

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Overview workshops Moon's Farm

A magical place surrounded by nature, wild herbs and flowers, birds and trees. Come visit this beautiful oasis situated between the flower fields, close to the forests, dunes and the sea at Noordwijk.

After breathing you can brave the cold

The workshop space is situated inside an open and well-ventilated greenhouse, which makes it possible for us to safely carry out the workshop in accordance with COVID regulations. The ice bath will be placed outside or in a covered open space. There is room for about 20 participants and plenty of space to park.

Program ice bath workshop Moon's Farm

During the Below Zero workshop at Moon’s Farm, the seven foundations of the Below Zero Method will be addressed: scientific theory, measurable results, nutrition, breathing techniques, meditation, yoga and cold exposure (the ice bath).

The ice bath workshop begins and ends with a guided meditation session. The breathing exercises and yoga exercises will prepare you so that anybody can overcome the ice bath.

The Below Zero Method exercises are most effective on a not too full stomach. This is why we advise you to have a light breakfast or lunch before attending the workshop. There will be light snacks present at the workshop (rice crackers / fruit) for easy digestion. At the end of the workshop, we will serve organic hummus on toast. We advise you not to drink coffee on the day of the workshop.