Covid 19

Which Covid 19 measures have been taken?

During the day workshops, the following measures are taken to prevent the spread of the COVID virus:

  • Upon arrival, the temperature of all participants is measured by means of a non-contact temperature measurement.
  • 1.5 meters are kept at all times between people who do not belong to the same household.
  • Hand disinfection is available at the workshop.
  • The breathing sessions are held in a high open horticultural greenhouse (see photos on site).
  • There is a lot of ventilation from skylights and sliding doors can be opened on two sides.
  • There is an option to monitor outside of the breathing session.
  • The number of people who go together in an ice bath is limited to 4 people.
  • There is a possibility to go in the ice bath alone or in pairs.
  • We do not shake hands or other physical contact.


When is an ice bath not recommended?

An ice bath is not suitable for pregnancy or maternity.

How long are you in an ice bath during an ice bath workshop?

You will sit in the ice bath for a few minutes. There is no set time. Initially, almost everyone will have a strong stress response: the so-called Fright Flight Fight Response. When you can relax during this strong stress stimulus, you can get out of the ice bath.

How many participants are there at an ice bath workshop?

The number of participants depends on the location of the ice bath workshop. A maximum of 10 people can participate during a VIP workshop on the houseboat at Bart Biermans. Unfortunately, this location is not available during the COVID period. During an ice bath workshop at Moonsfarm there are a maximum of 20-25 participants during the COVID period. At Movementyoga 50 participants can participate. This location is also not available during the COVID time.

Are ice baths healthy?

Your mother or grandmother probably told you not to let the chill get into your bones. Put on a coat when you’re going out, lest you get sick or catch a cold. But this is an old wives’ tale without any scientific basis. As a matter of fact, it can be proven that ice baths are good for your health. When you leave the ice bath, your whole body is bursting with energy and positive feelings. The ice bath helps you to gain control over a powerful physiological response, namely the fight/flight/fright response. Teaching your body to cope with this response will deliver significant benefits to your overall health.

Should I take an ice bath after exercising?

When the body takes exercise, in particular strenuous exercise, it often releases lactic acid as a result of anaerobic metabolism. Lactic acid is released into the muscles. Here it remains, causing muscle pain. By stepping into an ice bath after workout, athletes have noted a faster recovery time, experiencing less muscle pain and fewer injuries. Although the physiological cause for their faster recovery has not yet been fully determined, the ice bath’s stimulation of the blood flow is a likely candidate. High intensity exercise damages the muscle. This takes the form of inflammation of the muscle. This inflammation may be reduced by an ice bath, especially when combined with our breathing exercises.

Can ice baths boost my immune system?

The immune system is a fiercely complicated partnership of various cells in the human body. Many people have noticed that cold training enhances their immune system. A stronger immune system reduces a person’s chances of catching a cold or experiencing flu-like symptoms. So far, we have not uncovered the scientific basis for the enhancement of the immune system through cold exposure. This is in part due to the dazzling complexity of the immune system. What we do know, however, is that cold training, especially in combination with our breathing exercises, can affect a wide range of physiological processes. These include the blood oxygen level, pH-level and Co2 level. These changes bring about a hormonal reaction, which in turn affects many other physiological processes (e.g. energy management, immune system, sleep cycle, stress). This could explain why cold training can boost the human immune system.

Breathing technique

What is the best breathing technique?

The only thing that rivals the number of myths about breathing techniques is the number of myths about diet and nutrition. Many methods promote mouth breathing, others focus on breathing through the nose. Sometimes they tell you to breathe quickly, other times they tell you to breathe slowly. Some exercises promote constant breathing, others promote breath holding.

If you haven’t found your favourite breathing exercise, it is essential you start trying all of these options. The most important goal of any breathing technique is to re-establish contact between your body and your subconscious. The best breathing technique for you is the one that brings you closest to this goal.


Kan ik mijn boekingen annuleren?

Dit kan tot 7 dagen voor de workshop, je kunt dan een andere datum uitkiezen. restitutie van het geld is niet mogelijk.

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