An all-inclusive Below Zero weekend

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Elevate the body and soul

Transformational weekends are hosted in beautiful wild nature. There is always the option to practice in natural water. Think of rivers, lakes or the ocean. Depending on the group size, between 20-30 people will participate in our transformational weekends.

Insight into our physiology and mental resilience

What can you expect from the weekend

A lot of the weekend will be spent practicing in the wild (hiking in shorts, ocean swimming, etc.). These natural settings will train your body’s susceptibility to cold and its temperature regulation.

We are also going to explore the seven foundations of the Below Zero Method in further detail, to get an even better insight into our physiology and mental fortitude. Just like during the one-day workshop, we lay the focus on measurable results. This means monitoring the effects of various exercises on your physiology by measuring your heartbeat, blood oxygen level, pH-level and blood pressure.

A unique group experience

Because we will spend the weekend actively participating with each other, a fun group dynamic will arise, extending the physiological effects of the exercises. The weekends are always spent in a comfortable and safe atmosphere. We are connected through the hardships, but also through visits to the sauna and exquisite meals. This builds connections that often remain long after the weekend is over.

The group, the location and the deeper contact with my body make this a weekend that I will never forget.

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