Bookings for events and private groups

Bookings an ice bath for your events or private group

At Below Zero, you can book a private ice bath event for your business, organization or friends’ group. Sharing an extreme situation, such as an ice bath, can be a bonding experience for all involved or, alternatively, change or enhance an already existing group dynamic.

Examples of private workshops

Below is a selection of various workshops for, among others, Defense, Television, Corporate and top athletes.


Below Zero presides over two beautiful locations where we offer ice bath workshops. Join us at our beautifully renovated houseboat on the Amstel (groups up to 10 people) or our location at Moon’s Farm in Noordwijk (maximum 25 people[PC2] ). If you wish, we can bring the workshop to you, if the number of your participants is larger or if you have a location of your own. A selection of clients who have enjoyed workshops with us include participants from the Dutch military, the television networks, corporate business and top athletes.


The green houseboat on the Amstel in Amsterdam (maximum 12 people)

Moon’s Farm

The magical Moon’s Farm in Noordwijk (maximum 25 people).

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What does a Below Zero Ice Bath Workshop entail?

During the Below Zero Ice Bath Workshop we teach the seven foundations of the Below Zero Method: scientific theory, measurable results, nutrition, breathing techniques, meditation, yoga and cold exposure (the ice bath). We put theory into practice and illustrate the effects of the exercises carried out at the workshop.

We measure the pH-level, oxygen level, heartbeat and blood pressure of every participant. We believe that to measure is to know. The Below Zero workshop is all about experiencing. The Below Zero techniques will help you to optimize such autonomous processes as your sleep cycle, stress and energy levels, temperature regulation, appetite and immune system.

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