Ice Bath Workshop at Bart’s houseboat

Overview workshops on the houseboat

Bart always works with small groups of 10 people to ensure everyone receives individual attention. Due to Bart’s background as a doctor, he will approach this method from a scientific and physiological angle, but more importantly this workshop is supposed to be an emotional experience.

No workshops on the Houseboat

There are currently no workshops taking place on the houseboat. Due to the stricter COVID rules, there are currently only ice bath workshops available at Moon’s Farm. This spacious and well-ventilated location guarantees a safe workshop.

Location Houseboat in Amsterdam

Bart Biermans teaches workshops from his home – specifically, his houseboat, a remarkable location on the river Amstel. It features a living plant wall, a sauna, and a hot tub for good measure, ensuring a special experience. Bart’s boat has been featured in a variety of national and international magazines, recently appearing on the TV program Binnenstebuiten (NCRV/KRO).

After breathing you can brave the cold

Workshop explanation: a day you’ll never forget

During this one-day workshop, Bart Biermans will teach you about the seven foundations of the Below Zero Method: scientific theory, measurable results, nutrition, breathing techniques, meditation, yoga and exposure to the cold (the ice bath). We will present you the scientific theories behind this method and confirm these theories by way of measuring your blood pressure, heartbeat, pH-level and oxygen levels. We will also do many practical exercises.

With these thorough preparations, anybody will eventually be able to brave the ice bath. After this feat of endurance, there will be time to relax in the hot tub or sauna. For the real fanatics, we offer the option in winter to test your learned skills by jumping into the freezing Amstel river.

There’s a fifteen-minute break in the workshop during which tea will be served, along with a light snack (bananas/rice cakes). The effects of the exercises are best experienced on an empty stomach.

The workshop concludes with you sharing your experiences over hummus on toast (organic).

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