Winter travel to Iceland

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Iceland all-inclusive winter travel

Taking an icebath is a fantastic experience, but if you really want to find out how the cold can help you, consider visiting the raw wilderness of Iceland. Plunge into a freezing river, take a natural shower below one of the countless waterfalls, swim between the icebergs and warm up near one of the natural hot springs. That’s what you will experience on this trip. There is also a good chance (though not guaranteed) that we’ll be able to catch the Northern lights.


  • Difficulty grade: 4 (1-5)
  • Costs: € 1.850,-
  • Language: English
  • Luxury: 4 (1-5)
  • Length: 6 days

Accomodation Iceland

We will reside at the beautiful LavaVillage resort, an hour’s drive from Reykjavik. The resort provides access to a large sauna and two hot tubs. Guests will stay in cabins that house five people, each furnished with its own hot tub. The breathing sessions will take place in a common room with a spectacular view of the great outdoors. Our chef will prepare three meals a day with local produce and vegetarian options.

Program Below Zero Iceland winter travel

A breathing session takes place each day before breakfast, in order to prepare the body for the cold exposure during the day. Next to basic breathing, we will also perform a few other breathing techniques. Each day you’ll face 1-2 cold challenges, depending on the group and the weather. You will hike in shorts; swim in rivers, streams and lakes; swim underwater (optional) and dive from cliffs (optional). We will gradually hike up the training difficulty over the course of the trip.

Preparations Iceland

This trip comes at a difficulty grade of 4. This means that beginners are free to participate, but need to train in advance by taking cold showers and swimming in open water. Even people who have already attended one of our weekends are advised to prepare ahead of time. You are expected to be able to remain in cold water for up to 3 minutes without problems. You should also be able to hike in freezing conditions for 90 minutes. The packing list contains a description of all the necessary items you should bring.

The group, the location and renewed connection with my body made for an unforgettable winter week

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