The week I spent under Bart’s instruction in Poland was one of the best experiences of my life.  I experienced many tough and wonderful emotions and thoughts in pushing myself past my perceived limits. The Below Zero methode is as advertised – a way to break your mental and physical barriers through the use of special breathing techniques, cold exposure, and mindset.  Prior to the course I was a bit skeptical of how much it would work.  I have always hated the cold.  But the Method really works.  I was able to tolerate 33 degree F water for 5 minutes which is something I would have thought not possible previously.

A large part of the experience was Bart and his style of instruction.  Coming from a medical background he had the technical knowledge to give a very scientific explanation of the Method.  I appreciated this because I like to know the “why and how” of what we’re doing.  In addition to this was his ability to let our group take on its own personality and specific energetic style.  He didn’t try to set the tone for us but rather worked with what we put out in terms of our attitude and energy.  That being said, he also knew when to prod the people who needed a little nudge and when to have more serious conversations with people that were struggling.  That’s a very difficult line to walk, but he managed it perfectly.  There wasn’t a person in our group of 20 people who didn’t feel totally connected to him and grateful for the experience he shared with us.

I can’t emphasize how much I recommend Bart and the Below Zero methode.  Whether you’re looking for a way to push yourself to be better or a way to get past a roadblock in your life I recommend one of Bart’s courses.

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