I had high expectations for this trip, but i tried to keep them low because i was not sure what exactly i would be learning. (Setting the bar low;)

I wrote down a list of what i wanted to experiencebefore I arrived the most important was:

•Develope and improve the method i was already practising

•Find solutions to overcoming the blocks of practising the method at home

•Find methods of implementing it at home

•experience insight to find my focus and get my priorities straight

•Find inspiration to how i can use the Below Zero Methode in my upcoming research year starting in February

•Find inspiration in the other participants on how i can use this method and develop myself

•Find out what I don’t know i want to experience

All of the above expectation have been meet. And more.

My biggest insight that i did not see coming was realizing the resistance insight myself before breathing for 45 minutes or going into ice cold water. And learning that when i want to run away from challenges in my life it is really my fight/flight respons working in overdrive.

I was so inspired by the Poland experience as a whole that I want to use it in my medical career and do more research and especially focus on the physiology and the theories of the method so i can explain it to others. I will become an instructor so i can get training that will help me help others with the method. That was very much Bart’s influence.

I was inspired by Bart’s own background with the physiological approach. Actually i would have liked it to have been more theoretical, that may have a lot to do with my medical background, searching for a higher theoretical level. When we had the theory it would have been nice with a more structured presentation with less interruptions from the participants. I felt it disrupted the flow of the presentation.

Bart was good at creating a helping atmosphere where no man (or woman) was left behind.

Doing the workshop alone had both up and downsides. It was palpable that it was sometimes difficult for Bart to oversee everything, he managed though, which only speaks in favor of his skills as a an instructor. Perhaps Bart was stretched a little too thin during the exercises, especially the breathing and also the cold. Have him instruct, be cold, and oversee everything was pretty well managed, but would have been better for everyone if it was 2 instructors.

The upside to only have 1 instructor (and maybe also being in Wim’s house) was the team spirit created by the group. Bart managed to make everyone feel like an instructor to each other. Which created an incredible dynamic and spirit… a family. It was nice that bart was not just an instructor, he was part of the team.

Bart was very spot on with asking the right questions before and after the exercises. Making me feel completely like the center of attention whenever approached.

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