Ardennen Weekend

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Ch√Ęteau Thermes de Cugnon

We reside at a beautiful location in a peaceful part of the Ardennes, a luxurious castle you will share with about 30 other participants. The Chateau is situated on the Semois river, where we will swim during the weekend. The Chateau offers a sauna and two large hot tubs. There are elegant sleeping facilities and a spacious living room. Chefs are present on location during the weekend to prepare natural and locally sourced dishes with as much organic produce as possible.

No weekends to book

There are currently no weekends organized. Due to stricter COVID rules, there are currently only ice bath workshops available at Moon’s Farm. This spacious and well-ventilated location guarantees a safe workshop.

An unforgettable road trip of body and mind that come together beautifully

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