I met my ice family

The retreat was definitely the coolest group experience in my life.

Bart and Thor are an amazing team, perfectly balancing the scientifical and spiritual approach of the Below Zero method. Bart is medical doctor supporting the method with all his heart, he sold his company to become a full time trainer. Thor is a native Icelander who has accumulated knowledge from endless sources from all over the world. Icelandic weather is very unpredictable but he knows the best natural spots for cold immersion in every condition.

They were passionately creating a safe space for people from different backgrounds and health-situations, we even had a elderly woman in the group who was half blind, she followed us to the ice and a 5 meter cliff-jump without hesitation. It was very important for Bart and Thor to create a group dynamic of support and love, which was absolutely successful, everyone had fun making deep connections in such a short time and learned hugging properly. I have learned everything I need to conquer my fear of the cold and became able to fully absorb the benefits of the method.

The breathing sessions were very intense and cleansing, many people overcame emotional barriers and found the strength to show compassion to themselves. Bart was motivating with his powerful guiding force while Thor supported the process with stretching and instruments of all sorts, such as shamanic drums and bells.

Training with like-minded people in the most beautiful environment in the world made the experience one-of-a-kind.
Great organic food by a local cook!

You will be definitely see me again in your retreats!

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