Ice bath workshop Moon’s Farm Aug-27-2022

Ice bath workshop Moon’s Farm Aug-27-2022



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Day workshop
Voor iedereen toegankelijk
23 July 2022
11:00 - 18:00
Moon's Farm Noordwijk


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Over de Day workshop


Due to the COVID-19 measurements, workshops will only take place on the beautiful Moon’s Farm in the middle of nature and close to Noordwijk.


As a physician, my approach is scientific, with a focus on the physiological. So, after a round of introductions, I will kick off the workshop with the scientific substantiation of the Below Zero Method.

After the theoretical part, we break for 15 minutes for tea and, if you wish, a banana or rice cracker. We want to keep food to a minimum, because our exercises work better on an empty stomach.

Next, we practice breathing exercises. And then it’s time to enter the ice bath. After your stay in the ice water. We conclude the workshop with a sharing and chill-out. Finally we say our goodbyes and end our day together.


Please bring proper swimwear and two (large) towels, even if you have no intention of going into the ice bath.


Except for some fruit, we do not eat during the workshop, which makes the exercises work better. Tip: have a good breakfast.

How to prepare

If you wish, you can prepare yourself for your ice bath by routinely rinsing yourself off with cold water. You can do this after your usual warm shower, if you want. Build up the cold shower period over time, until you can shower cold for 90 seconds.

Before you set your tap to cold, however, breathe in and out, 10 times, deeply and calmly. Focus your attention inside, where it is warm. Trust your body. As soon as the cold water touches your skin, it triggers a fright/fight/flight response. Your breathing speeds up, your heart rate increases, and your mind tells you to get away fast. Now, it’s all about relaxing and quieting down your breathing. This is where the magic begins …

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